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A couple of interesting themes headlining in the news recently.  Both taking a very different approach to the FreeFrom consumer.

Beer for all
There is increasing pressure for pubs, bars and restaurants to cater for the FreeFrom customer in their range of drinks.  Perhaps its time to review yours especially now the quality is so high?

Greens Beer

Hambleton Ales, a recognised supplier of gluten free bottled beer have recently won the best gluten free beer award at the World Beer Awards 2015.  Now, to add to their range of gluten free bottled beers, they have developed a cask condition gluten free beer that is considered to be indistinguishable from regular beer.  

Gluten free beer is a growth business with plenty of scope to attract these early customers and retain their loyalty!

Chocolate Banbrownies pic gun wharf pasty presto
A school in Wales has shocked pupils and parents alike by implementing a school wide ban on all chocolate products due to a severe allergy of one pupil.  This is a topic that is no doubt creating a lot of debate.  We have a number of educational facilities in our network, have you thought how you might react to a situation like this?  Comment below your thoughts on the ban and how your school might react to this request.

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