Food Allergen Management Matrix

There are many software applications available to the food service industry some of which can be found on our FreeFrom Suppliers page to access please click here. 

Here at the Food Allergy Training consultancy we understand that online tools are not always possible whether it be budget or practicalities, so we have produced a fully formatted coloured coded Excel spreadsheet which will help you communicate to the FreeFrom customer what allergens are in your dishes. You can also add other foods as appropriate to your organisation.  For example in schools some children can be affected by legumes and pea protein.

Allergen Excel Matrix click here – updated as at May 2023

To view sample pages of menu’s and pages for your grills and fryers click here or view how Denny’s Diners are using the Matrix by clicking here.

Whats included in sample pdfs:

  • Drinks sheet
  • Grill sheet
  • Fryers sheet
  • Menu table for internal use
  • Menu table for external use
Can we help you create your sheets?

To find out more email or call 07732637292 – we can help compile your menus and it may not cost as much as you think. Once created you can manage internally – Call us today!

NOTE: Food Allergy Aware does not accept any liability for the mis-use or incorrect information which is entered into this document in relation to your business, the input currently is for example purposes only and should not be used to replace your specific data.

The information supplied here is copyright to Food Allergy Aware and supplied on the condition that you keep the Food Allergy Aware  logo  for copyright purposes.

Below is a sample menu highlighting the allergens matrix for a burger section of a menu.