Food Allergy Aware

Food Allergy Aware has developed a 30 minute e-learning module designed to give the food services industry and hospitality staff in all roles, an understanding of their obligations under current Regulations 1169/2011.

The training is suitable as an introduction and/or as induction training, this course is a quick and easy method to deliver training to all staff who have received no formal training or require initial training as part of their induction.

The training can be purchased as an off the shelf  product or tailoured as appropriate for your business.  For more information click here.  Still not sure? Please do get in contact for a FREE sample of the e-learning; call us on 07732 637 292.

We also offer an alternative learning method of  Induction booklets which are available as a supplementary learning tool or as a different method of delivering the training, either independently on a 1:1 basis or as group training. There is also a PowerPoint presentation with tutor notes to assist with the training.  The booklet can be customised for your business to cover your in-house allergy policy, for more information click here. To see a sample of the booklet click here.  

To download the order form please click here.

Highfield: Food Safety and Health & Safety eLearning

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In addition, we have teamed up with Highfield (HABC) to offer you a suite of modules to cover all your food safety training.  the prices quoted below are for single licences if you have a requirement for multiple licence to cover all your staff please get in contact to enable us to quote you these discounted group rates.

Check out our full range of Food Allergy Training & Consultancy products on our services page.

To discuss either the e-learning or induction booklet please call us on 07732 637 292 or email marketing @fatc.co.uk