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April 2021

Public Sector Catering Article

This month Caroline had the privilege of writing an article  for the April issue of the Public Sector Catering magazine.  With Covid highlighting the need for strict controls when it comes to cross-contamination and person to person contact, for those with a food allergy the risk of cross-contamination is ever present.

In the article Caroline explains how allergen safety compliance is being increasingly scrutinised and how the regulations have not changed due to the pandemic, that,  alongside Natasha’s Law which comes into force on the 1st October 2021 means that all those working within the hospitality and catering industries need to ensure they are ready to welcome customers back safely.


Newsletter Friday 29 January 2021



  • 1Q FSCI Article contributed to Food  Allergy Awareness Article.


  • Sept 2018 – Association of Independent Stores (catering workshops)