Food Allergy Audit and Mystery Diner

Auditing Service

Food Allergy Aware can offer a comprehensive auditing programme our aim is to support businesses providing for the customers who have special dietary requirements

We review your current procedures, policies, and menu options, including allergen listings and the labelling of ‘may contains’, and provide a comprehensive report highlighting any issues, and recommendations for you to use as evidential information as appropriate to your project.

Some businesses offer a combined food safety and allergy audit, in our experience if you are looking to improve your allergy management systems then an audit concentrating on the allergen processes and the FreeFrom customer journey is more beneficial to ensure that everything is covered in a methodical manner.

Food Allergy Aware can help you adapt your menu and customer service and encourage positive communication to provide a safe customer journey for the wider FreeFrom customer.

Mystery Dining

We also offer a Mystery Dining service either as part of the audit programme above or independently, giving you an in-depth review on the customer experience and staff knowledge when managing the FreeFrom Customer.

If you currently have set processes in place, we can report on how these were managed and offer recommendations for improvement as appropriate.

We can also assist you with compliance with Allergy Accreditation or Allergy UK ‘Allergy Aware’ Accreditation certifications ensuring that your Allergy Management procedures are ready to submit to their certification programs

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In addition to our auditing and mystery dining services outlined above we have a range of other training and consultancy products which can be found on our services page.