Eyes on the pies

With British Pie Week just around the corner, we are pleased to introduce to you Eat Square, a new supplier of Gluten, Vegan and Dairy free pies.

eat-square-logo-RGB-100-v1Started bu Alex Joll, a restaurateur with a passion for pies, Eat Square are handmade in Wiltshire.  Using free range meats and ingredients from local farms, they are all about local and traditional.  Selling their pies in farmers markets, Eat Square would repeatedly be asked for gluten free options and whilst this initially seemed impossible, Melanie Boothe, a dedicated and determined chef helped them triumph.

As a result of their expertise in pies and pastry making, Eat Square were able to launch their range of eat square pies by postFreeFrom pies this February.  Available online, in shops and to the restaurant trade, pubs in particular have been quick to adopt them.  Leading on from their success, they are already looking to double the number of fillings available in the FreeFrom range.

Having been tried and tested by ourselves, we can definitely recommend them as tasty, packed with fillings and full of flavour.  We have added them to our FreeFrom supplier marketplace.

Gluten Free Baking Co

Fancy making your own pies?  The Gluten Free Baking Co have kindly shared their master class in making high quality tasty pastry using gluten free flour.  Click here to download their Gluten Free Baking Co Master Class.  Contact info@glutenfreebaking.co.uk for a free sample.

Suppliers of high quality nutritious flour which is free from all the major allergens and avoids many of the nasty additives.  In addition to providing high quality products, The Gluten Free Baking Co provide training, recipes and advice.  See our supplier marketplace for more information.

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