Food allergy awareness Kickstarter campaign goes live

Food Allergy Aware Ltd has just launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of their Food Allergy Awareness  induction/introduction booklet to be used by those in Food Service industry as a reference booklet when managing the food allergy, coeliac and food intolerant customer.

The booklet is relevant for ALL food service business from takeaways, schools, hospitals to hotels. I have a really BIG ask, please could YOU support me in the campaign.  Click here to view a mock up copy of the booklet which has over 60 pages of clear information and facts.

Covering four fundamental areas the booklet additionally gives a further understanding on how to communicate in a positive way to ensure the FreeFrom customer understands what is and is NOT possible within their business.

  • Allergens and the law
  • Working safely with allergens
  • Cross contamination risks and hazards
  • The dangers of allergens

We have been fortunate to secure funding to produce the booklet, we now however, need further funds to print at least 1000 copies to give away to food service business as samples to ensure their staff have the basic knowledge to serve the food allergy, coeliac and food intolerant customer.

Food Allergy Awareness in Food Businesses

Food Allergy Awareness training tools

You may be aware that many people who have a food allergy, coeliac disease or food intolerance have experienced more often than not, a negative customer service or have possibly been miss-informed or made ill due to a lack of accurate training on food allergy awareness.  Unfortunately, many small and large business struggle with the high cost of training their staff opting for eLearning, many of which for food allergy’s , we have found to be more about compliance and disclaimers rather than covering the true facts of allergy awareness and coeliac disease.

We believe that the booklet is an ideal way for businesses to train their staff either on a 1:1 basis or it can be read through independently.  There are quiz’s throughout and staff take a final test to summarize their learning, and the learner retains the booklet as a permanent reference for them to refer to.

My request to you is, please support our campaign to raise these funds, I realise it’s a BIG ask but we are hoping that the booklet will raise awareness and make business realise there is a lot more to providing for the free from customer than producing a gluten free menu.  Please click here if you would like to pledge an amount or if you could just share the link on social media with friends, family and colleagues who might be interested in supporting the campaign it would be greatly appreciated.

Our target is to raise £2,500 this will enable us to print out 1000 copies and cover the costs for the campaign, any further funds raised we will use to print out further copies and hand out to small medium business, independents and takeaways to heighten their awareness of the food allergy customer.

I am passionate about caterers being more aware of their responsibilities when providing for the freefrom customer and if I can get this booklet into outlets which may not otherwise train their staff it would be simply amazing!  If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Your support in the campaign will highlight the issues in regard to the lack of training in food allergy awareness and will be greatly appreciated by those restricted by their dietary requirements, and if we can prevent one needless death your support will have had a greater value than you may ever know.

To support the campaign please click here


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I see many posts where members believe training is needed in the places where they eat out.

If you believe that food service businesses should have more induction training tools to ensure they provide a safe & positive journey for the coeliac, food allergy and food intolerant customer please support this Kickstarter campaign.

My aim is to get the booklet to those businesses with tight budgets to make them realise the importance of the correct knowledge and how to communicate in a positive manner.

If we can prevent one needless death your support will have had a greater value than you may ever know. Thank you for reading & please share to other groups and friends

To go direct to the campaign click here


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@kickstarter campaign #FoodAllergyTrainingBooklet #cateringtraining your may help save a life please support today!


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To download a pdf poster please  click here


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