Christmas just got tastier

For FreeFrom diners, Christmas can be a time of disappointment.  Whether its meals being served with half the ingredients missing, boringChristmas star alternatives or bland and poor quality substitutions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We are pleased to recommend a few tried and tested options for you to try, to give your FreeFrom customer something wonderful not woeful.

Middleton Foods, have a wide range of pre-made sweet and savoury mixes including batter, gravy, cake and bread mixes.  We can certainly recommend their cakes!  for more information on their ranges visit their website here or call Paul Stanley, Food Service manager  on 07786 266266.

When considering dairy free chocolate, did you know that most dark chocolates are naturally dairy free so could be used for deserts of petit fours.  For all types of chocolates including FreeFrom options (dairy, gluten, soya and nut free dark and white chocolate), we can definitely recommend Mortimers Chocolate.  to find out more visit their website here or contact Felicity.


Bidfood, one of the UKs largest food distributor, have expanded their gluten free Christmas range this year in light of the growing demand.  For more information on their wide range of products which includes individually wrapped kaiser rolls, beers, deserts and main courses, visit their website here.

To help make rich and tasty gluten free gravy, why not use a knorr beef stock pot and simply add cornflour.  Fore more information visit their website here.



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