Everyone is familiar with Dry January – this was created to support those who take part to refrain from any alcohol during the month of January. Following the excess celebrations (even in Lockdown!) many enjoy a drink or three over the festive period. Veganuary which started in 2014 is gathering support every year. Those […]

COVID Vaccinations & Allergies

We hope that these strange times that we live in will shortly come to a conclusion.  There have however been issues around the vaccines for those living with Allergies.  The Anaphylaxis Campaign alongside Allergy UK & BSACI are helping to keep the public up-to-date with the new information as it’s being brought to light.   If […]

Dark Kitchens & the lack of Food Allergy Awareness!

Guest Blogger Alison Cullin-Woodcock talks about dark kitchens and their knowledge of Food Allergen Awareness Training Nearly 70% of kitchen workers don’t know enough about allergens and have little or no food allergy awareness controls in place, according to a leading consultant at Navitas – as part of an article from Andrew Seymour at FEJ on […]

IOH Southern Branch virtual meet up with local organisations

Last Wednesday 13 May, the local Southern Branch Institute of Hospitality had a virtual meet up with local Hotel organisations, including Southampton Hoteliers, BH Area Hospitality Association and incoming Chair of the New Forest Hoteliers Association. We also welcomed a member of the Hospital Caterers Association We were updated to understand what businesses were currently […]

Allergy Awareness Week – Podcast

I was recently asked to contribute to the @ErudusUK  Podcast in time for Allergy Awareness Week  25 April – 1st May,  We discussed all things FreeFrom, along with Amena Warner of @AllergyUK1,  and allergy sufferer Beth Newton       Some of the areas Caroline covered included: Allergens in food service – different areas that need a lot of work. Opinions […]

Vegan Vs Suitable for Allergies

  The Food and Drink Federation has recently published guidance on ‘allergen free’ and vegan claims, with the aim of more clarity  to help the consumer and the food service industry.  There is currently a lot of misunderstanding on whether a vegan product is safe for an egg or milk free diet.  In many cases there is […]

Food Hygiene Ratings

A new report from food industry insurer, NFU Mutual, has shown that more than 52,000 businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland could be faced with losing over a third of business, as 34 percent of people would turn away from premises displaying a food hygiene rating of three or less. The report also suggested that […]

Paleo vs Keto

Key Facts about Keto: This type of method involves a very low carbohydrate diet. It is a very famous one because of its variations in terms of benefits from it. This also has other names such as the keto, non-carbo, low carbohydrate, ketosis diet and many more. The suffix “keto” comes from the word ketogenic […]

Natasha’s Foundation NHS Funding Boost

Southampton University have published an article detailing how the funding for training has been boosted by Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation. Half of all children and a third of adults in the UK have an allergy. To care for them, more specialist clinical teams and research is urgently needed but provision for essential clinical training to […]