Poundstretcher fined £31k for mislabelled food items

Hundreds of Poundstretcher stores were required to remove cakes and biscuits from their shelves in September 2019 following Trading Standards officers in Swansea visiting stores and finding items, mainly in the Aldiva range of goods, not having the correct allergy labelling as they are supposed to.

The Food Standards Agency was alerted to the issue and Poundstretcher was told to check all their stores and remove the goods immediately.



In January 2021 Poundstretcher appeared in court in Swansea and were ordered to pay £31,500 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to 9 charges.

Since the issue has been raised in 2019 Poundstretcher have told investigators that they now have food labelling specialists employed to prevent this happening again.

Wales247 has the full article.



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