Boycott Peter Rabbit

For those suffering from a serious food allergy which could lead to an anaphylactic reaction, the new Peter Rabbit film adaptation has caused disgust and social media outcries.

In the film, an allergic man is pelted with blackberries, by Peter and his friends, even throwing one in his mouth, despite them knowing about his condition he then collapses and is forced to use his epi pen.   It seems a large step back in the understanding of such a severe condition.

The fact that the film is aimed at children is more disturbing given the subject of allergy bullying which can be prevalent in children.  13 year old Karanbir Cheema died from a reaction to cheese that he was allegedly forced to eat by fellow students.

Sony Pictures have apologised for their approach in making light of such a serious issue and truly apologise.

Despite many calls for the film to be withdrawn, it is continuing to be rolled out, we just hope the way Sony have approached this doesn’t rub off on the films audience.

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