Young allergy sufferers avoid eating out because of their condition

With the 2014 Food Information Regulations being in place for almost 4 years, it is very sad but not surprising that young customers are still choosing not to eat out because of their allergy/intolerance.

A study as recently been published that captured the experiences and views of 2599 16-24 year olds.  The report was done in conjunction with Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

There is good and bad news in the report….

Sadly 60% of respondents had avoided eating out in the last 6 months because of their condition.

56% of respondents with a food allergy reported only telling others about their condition when eating together, 26% told others when they got to know them better and  5% reported not telling anyone at all.

14% were not confident at all about asking for allergen information.

At this time of their lives, young adults should not feel restricted in their ability to socialise or be embarrassed by their condition.

This is particularly pertinent at this time of year, when students are moving on to be more independent as their move on to college and university.   Back in September 2016 we wrote an article about this and the specific vulnerability of this age group.  Click here to read it again.

The positives that have come out of the report show how aware and conscientious many of this age group are.

55% of the respondents reported to always research the menu in advance and 51% check online menus allergen information.  With the rapid rise in online take away services, a big draw for this demographic, getting this allergy information available is vital.

14% of the respondents felt extremely confident about asking for allergen information and 53% felt extremely or very confident that businesses can provide correct information.

To read more including the full report please click here.

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