Turning it Teal for October

The pumpkin is synonymous with Halloween and autumn and can often signify when a house is open for trick or treating.  In the US, a new campaign has launched this year, turning their pumpkins teal to demonstrate that their homes are allergy friendly for trick or treaters.   To read more about the campaign and to see how you could adapt please click here.

Whilst this campaign doesn’t seem to have started over here yet, the concept of safe and inclusive halloween is growing.  Here are just a few suggestions which you could use at your place of work or at home.

  • Only provide items that are completely wrapped individually.
  • Avoid buying items which contain nuts
  • Try buying sweets that are free of most allergens, such as natural fruit
  • If you do want to provide a wide range of sweets, try keeping a separate bowl of sweets which are allergy friendly
  • Try offering small toys/prizes instead of sweets, such as bubbles, yoyo’s, stickers etc

Teal Pumpkins

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