Spotlight on Legumes

When is a nut not a nut?  When its a peanut!Legumes

This month we are focussing on legumes.  But why legumes?

The legume family are a botanically related food group that includes peas, beans, lentils and lupin, and it is certainly becoming more common for children to have allergies related to legumes.

For a vegetarian diet in particular, legumes form a major part of the diet but legumes are by no means restricted to vegetarians. For example, Soy is found in products right across the board, many of which you wouldn’t expect to find it in such as, processed foods, gravies, soups, cream sauces.

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Whilst only a couple of legumes are included in the main 14 EU allergens (peanuts, soy and lupin) many more individuals experience some level of allergic reaction or intolerance to this food group, including cross-reactions between them.


Please download our free Legume Fact Sheet talking about legumes, how they affect people and how you may need to bear this in mind in your kitchen.


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