Scotland’s Training and labelling shortfall


The Scottish Conservatives have carried out their own research and have found that there is a lack of Food Allergy Training being carried out across it’s local authorities and health boards.  Following the UK Governments legislation regarding labelling on pre-packaged foods following the inquest into Pret and Natasha Ednan-Laperouse untimely death it is causing the powers that be in Scotland to shine a light on this issue to gain a national strategy to tackle this lack of consistency.

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Calorie labelling…

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) will be recommending to the Scottish government the need to make calorie labelling mandatory for all food outlets in a bid to tackle the high levels of overweight and obese people in the country. According to the FSS 2 out of 3 people are considered overweight/obese and this is an issue that needs tackling for the health of many, and with the increased number of people eating out the need to address this problem is paramount.

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Perhaps the need to address the lack of Allergy training can somehow work hand in hand with these new labelling recommendations for businesses working in the food industry.

How will these changes affect your business? Could the costs be manageable in your business if these changes were enforced by the government?

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