Plant Based alternative to Chicken – Using Peanut Protein


The has reported that a company called Haofood is the ‘world’s first’ plant-based chicken company to use peanut protein as it’s primary ingredient.

The Shanghai based food company found research that states Asia is responsible for at least 1/3 of the worlds consumption of chickens (37%).  It has carried out research and has found that there are a significant number of people in China open to the possibility of reducing their meat consumption with upto 62% willing to try plant-based alternatives.  However most current alternatives for plant-based meat use the soybean as it’s base, which although to western cultures isn’t a big concern, for those in China it reminds them of tofu, which is prevalent in there traditional diets.

Haofood has stated that their main aim when they started was to have a completely different product to the experience of the tofu meat products available.

You can read the article about Haofood from here.


The innovation to create alternatives within the plant based food market is very much welcomed, but there has to be awareness raised for those with allergies that not all plant-based foods will be suitable for their consumption.  As always being informed is the only way to ensure you are not putting yourself at risk.

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