Managing Allergens with Erudus

Erudus, the food industry’s answer to managing allergens. 

Management of allergens is one of the most important challenges within the foodservice industry and it’s vital that businesses get it right and communicate information clearly to their customers.

Erudus is a market leading source of accurate allergen, nutritional and technical product data, populated by the food industry. They also provide innovative tools, solutions and services such as their recipe builder and allergen and nutritional data search, to make the lives of those in the food industry easier.

So how does Erudus work?

Erudus work directly with manufacturers, from global corporations – Kraft Heinz, Weetabix, Unilever and Nestle – to artisan brands such as Bier Nuts, Real Good Ketchup and Get Buzzing, giving customers confidence as product data comes directly from those creating the products. Data is the responsibility of the manufacturer and Erudus’ system allows manufacturers to upload and manage product specifications for all their products, covering over 200 product attributes – from dietary and allergen information to packaging, logistical and even product photography and marketing assets – which are then instantly published in Erudus to those across the food industry.

When entering the information, validations and checks are made to ensure data is correct and accurate. When filling out the ingredients of a product, if a manufacturer makes an allergen claim, this is cross referenced against the ingredients declaration, ensuring all data is correct. Manufacturers can make claims of diet suitability of products so if a product is suitable for coeliacs, vegan, halal, vegetarian or kosher this is clearly visible on product specifications.

Informing customers of exactly what’s in their food and what allergens are present has never been easier. Everything is available in Erudus and businesses can inform their customers of every detail at the click of a button.

How is the data managed?

Data is validated at the point of entry and then Manufacturers are required to confirm product specifications on a monthly basis to ensure they’re up to date and Erudus account managers are on hand to assist them and help them stay organised.

In the event that a product error is raised, all users of that manufacturer are notified via email and Erudus account managers jump in with a phone call to the manufacturer to resolve the error right away.

Manufacturers have access to their own data integrity reports which highlights any potential errors, any missing attributes, sections that need completing and when previous changes and checks have been made by users of the account. Erudus’ account managers are always on hand to help with specifications that need changing. All changes happen live within the system so information is consistently up to date when being accessed.

Erudus have Powerful Tools for Caterers 

Allergen and nutritional data search ( is essential for finding answers quickly about the products you’re using, with an in-depth breakdown of each product, from general information about the product through to reference intakes, ingredients declarations and clear allergen and nutritional information as well as diet suitability, clearly marked with Erudus icons.

Recipe builder ( helps you easily manage recipes as you add ingredients, complete with costing, nutritional and allergen information, diet suitability and a concise summary for each dish, so you can put all your effort into the thing that matters most, the taste.

Menu Planner (  is perfect for curating any type of menu – gluten free, health conscious, vegetarian and plant based, low sugar – the options are limitless. Allergen information is highlighted with easily identifiable allergen icons on product searches and recipe cards so you can easily answer customer queries.

And there’s more… 

Erudus are customer-centric and are always working hard to bring their customer base tools that will ensure their business runs smoothly. This year they’re enhancing features and increasing the number of validations within the system, providing education as required for users as well as adding a range of new features for Natasha’s Law which is coming into force in October. Users can expect to see QUID Labels, automated allergen matrixes for each recipe, custom cross contamination controls for allergens as well as a new label printing system for Caterers.


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