FATC Training launches bespoke flexible CIEH Level 3 food safety course to suit training needs to include Level 2 allergen award


CIEH Training

​Food Allergy Training Consultancy (FATC) launches bespoke flexible food safety & food allergy awareness certificated course to suit training needs

The Food Allergy Training Consultancy (FATC) in collaboration with Sally Trice of STCC has developed a 2 for 1 training course. FATC is aware of time and budget constraints on food businesses and is offering the ‘CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety in Catering Certificate combined with the CIEH Level 2 Food Allergy Awareness Certificate.

Time restraints

We should be aware in the food service industry that staff should undertake training commensurate with their role.  But how do food businesses find time to ensure this is covered? FATC is offering a flexible training solution to comply with the law and to suit hectic business schedules.

Learning Styles

E-Learning is becoming a popular method to fill the training skills gap, but is it suitable for Level 3 and above? Face to face training is a better way to impart knowledge and share experiences with other learners, especially when it comes to the new allergen regulations.

Personal Experiences on Allergen Training

Recent personal experiences when contacting food businesses have been mainly negative with many stating they have trained staff on allergens and provide gluten free products.  But, when I have had queried the menu and methods of cooking, I have received inaccurate information.  Many businesses have incorrect information to work with, as a result  their allergy charts are not giving the correct information to the customer. This is illegal!

Allergen Information

Food businesses are now obliged to provide allergen information on all food and drink, but many are apprehensive and defensive when asked for the relative information.  Many state they cannot guarantee to be 100% free from allergens!  FATC can show a food business how to communicate and manage the free from customer with confidence and how to give accurate information.

Bespoke training course

This combined training course gives supervisors, team leaders and managers the chance to interact with others and gain practical experience through exercises designed to help the attendees retain the information and to pass the CIEH Level 3 Food Safety and Level 2 Food Allergy Awareness examinations. It will also enable attendees to self-audit their business to ensure they are adopting a food safety management system (HACCP) to cover all aspects of food safety including allergens.

Customer Confidence

Remember that a 5 star food hygiene rating does not necessarily indicate a safe meal for a food allergy sufferer when eating out. However, a certificate showing your staff has the knowledge will increase confidence in the food business and their staff!

Dates:   3 days

3 consecutive Mondays – 12, 19 & 26 October 2015

3 consecutive days Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 November 2015

Pre-requisite:  Attendees must have completed the Level 2 Award in Food Safety within the last three years.

To find out more about the training go to fatc.co.uk/events

Note:  A deduction as appropriate if CIEH Level 2 Food Allergy Awareness Certificate already attained.

Caroline Benjamin consultancy@fatc.co.uk 07732637292
CIEH Level 3 Awards in Food Safety http://www.cieh.org/training/level_3_food_safety.html
CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness http://www.cieh.org/training/L2_Award_in_Food_Allergen_Awareness.html

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