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Eastleigh College invited Caroline to run a food allergy awareness workshop for  about 30 of their level 2 and 3 students.  The workshop involved interactive exercises to enable students to grasp and understanding of their responsibilities under the new EU FIR law, and to be aware of the importance of getting the information correct.

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The students were given solutions to managing the food allergy consumer and ensuring they offer a positive customer experience. After the break, the practical exercise gave students an insight to what needs to be included within a food allergy policy and procedures document and the importance of feedback from social media when serving the food allergy customer.

Richard Carter, Lecturer of Hospitality and Catering Stated;

The talk was highly valuable to students, as it not only equipped them with important information about allergies and intolerance’s, but also demonstrated how this should be handled in their industry by following the correct procedures”

Richard mentioned it was great that students were being taught this whilst they are starting out and how they can then look at providing for the free from customer as the norm.

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