Christmas Party Season – how inclusive is your works party!

Do we dare to mention the C word – CHRISTMAS!  Are you in charge of booking the Christmas party?  Do you think of those with special diets as just a tick in a box ?  If you want to do more and be inclusive for those with special dietary requirements check out our fact sheet with top tips of how you can make your colleague feel included.

These include

  • Sending out a request for dietary requirements prior to booking
  • Asking those with dietary requirements where they have eaten safely before
  • Communicating with the colleague to understand their anxieties, and talk with restaurant to ensure they are safe.
  • Ask venue for full allergy matrix of their Christmas menu
  • If there’s a buffet ensure they are aware what can be suitable for them and ask for the food to be plated prior to everyone dipping in to the buffet – to reduce cross contamination risks.

to view the full fact and see in the full information by clicking here

In-house Buffets

If you are organising an American Supper type event, be aware of those with allergies, again talk with them individually and ask how they feel it can be managed.  It maybe they could advise on safe foods which could be on the list for colleagues to supply.  A top retailer does amazing party foods which are naturally free from fish, gluten and dairy.  Ask staff to bring in packaging to enable those with allergens to be reassured of the food contents.  Alternatively arrange for a caterer to deliver appropriate foods, specifying dietary requirements, and get staff to chip in to a kitty.

Check out the  fact sheet by clicking here to find out more.  If you are the free from person print out the fact sheet and send it to the relevant person booking to understand your situation fully.

Have a safe an enjoyable Christmas event

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