Why we need a Data Pool in the food industry (And why that Data Pool should be Erudus)

For some time now there’s been talk of the need for a single, centralised Data Pool used by the whole food industry. 
And with Natasha’s Law now in effect, more new legislation on the horizon, and changing business needs within the sector post COVID-19 those voices are getting louder. Everyone from consumers with food allergies and the charities that support them to trade associations like the Federation of Wholesale Distributors have voiced the need and support for a centralised food industry repository. One that enables easy access to potentially lifesaving allergen information and business critical data to the industry in its day to day operations.


Erudus believes that everyone in the food industry would benefit from a centralised Data Pool, including but not limited to Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Caterers, Retailers, Public Sector businesses and Consumers – particularly those with allergies, or special dietary requirements. 
As such we have put together an investigation into how such a venture might work and why Erudus is the ideal solution. 


One important thing to note are the obstacles. Here are what Erudus believe to be the key challenges, all of which we are in the process of tackling: 
  • Scale – It’s only an industry solution if the whole industry uses the Data Pool.
  • Commitment – This project needs to be given time to progressively add value.
  • Agreement – Getting stakeholders to see eye to eye on the data specifics. 
  • Education – Persuading the industry to sign up requires education on a mass scale of what the Data Pool can unlock for them.
  • Barriers to entry – Ensuring the Data Pool is equally easy to access and use effectively for all different sized businesses.


Erudus has also explored why we need a Data Pool now, at this precise moment in time, and demonstrated how we’ve prepared for this. The reasons include:
  • The Digital transformation of foodservice
  • Legislation (projected new laws, in addition to complying with FIC, FIR, and Natasha’s Law)
  • Changes in consumer demand (increased appetite for allergen, environmental and dietary information


We work hard to ensure our data works for all, and have identified the following as key to creating a successful industry Data Pool.
  • Communication – encouraging engagement and seeking feedback 
  • Collaboration – Everyone in the supply chain needs to do their bit. 
  • Cost – Low barriers to entry.


Erudus has the framework and the data mass to provide the industry with a centralised Data Pool, now we’re asking you to get on board and unite with us in a final push in putting critical food product data in front of everyone who needs it. 
We know that what we’re doing is working – more and more businesses are choosing to join us – Erudus is already used by the majority of key players within foodservice and scaling at pace, but a centralised Data Pool needs everyone to get on board. So we’d like to invite everyone and anyone in the industry to talk to us, and discover everything we have to offer as a Data Pool and how it can benefit you both now and in the future. 
The food industry has a data problem, we’re asking you to join us and be part of the solution.

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