Vegan Foods Vs Allergen Free Foods

There has been growth in recent years for the support of vegan foods #Veganuary, is an opportunity for people to focus on plant-based foods for the month of January.  Allowing time to reduce meat consumption in your diet,  Veganuary also gives people the opportunity to concentrate on a plant-based diet following the excesses of the festive season.

Did you know that the Vegan Society allows producers to label their products ‘May Contains’ milk for example?  There is currently no confirmed definition for the term ‘Vegan’.

There are however many concerns that there is confusion that because foods labelled Vegan it should be noted it does not automatically mean they are suitable for those living with food allergies, e.g. Milk.  Vegan foodstuffs can still be manufactured on the same production lines as milk containing products and have a ‘May Contains’ warning and will still be classed as ‘Vegan’.

To download a Fact sheet on Tree Nuts to use as a training resource please click here

The FDF (Food & Drink Federation) has published guidance on the ‘Allergen’ Free and Vegan claims.  This UK guidance is supported by The Food Standards Agency and is aimed at both the food industry and consumers regarding the difference between ‘Allergen-Free’ (milk free) and ‘Vegan’ claims.

To enable greater understanding regarding Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies The Anaphylaxis Campaign have provided factsheets with all the information you would need.

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