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Welcome to Food Allergy Training Consultancy’s (FATC)  website.  FATC’s aim is to educate the Food Service industry in Food Allergy Awareness, by offering certified training and consultancy to ensure they provide a safe and positive experience for the food allergy customer.

We would like you to use this blog to highlight to the Food Service & Retail Industry your views on what they should be doing to serve the Food Allergy Community, and how they could get right by listening to you!

We do not want to alienate the Food Service & Retail Industry but engage with them to ensure they understand how frustrating it is for food allergy sufferers, when they eat out or need to eat on-the-go.  The current lack of understanding we come up against when we are hungry… and we get a response  “Sorry we don’t sell gluten free sandwiches” or “We did have some but they ran out”!!  and they then say “We are always being asked for gluten free savoury foods but we don’t stock any at this branch”!! Most of time we travel with snacks associated with our special diets but on the odd occasion when we don’t it would be good to pick up a savoury snack on-the-go.

Do they feed this information back to their management? more often than not – No! so I  would like to use this blog as an mediator to get our message across in a positive light so we can work to change their mindset when providing food products for the food allergy customer.

I am sure many of you have had similar experiences both positive and negative,  I would be interested in hearing from you.

We are looking for guests to blog on a number of topics and review products throughout the year if you are interested please email us details at info@fatc.co.uk  – we will link back to your site and we can also add your site to our resources page.

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We hope to hear from you soon…

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