The Positive Side to Coeliac Disease

 The Positive Side to Coeliac Disease

Author – Rebecca Smith, Founder of Glutarama

It’s not often you see those words in the same sentence. Honestly, I wish I could talk to my younger self about where we are now but in my 13 years’ experience with the condition, I can’t imagine life without it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a magic wand to cure my daughters Coeliac Disease, but I truly believe Bethany and I are better people because of her autoimmune condition(s).

I asked Bethany’s thoughts on the subject and together we’ve come up with a list of positives, we didn’t have to think hard.

Learning To Bake (again)

This is one of my favourite positives. I was a keen baker before the diagnosis and my website Glutarama was born as a result of me getting my baking mojo back. It takes a few attempts to get your head around baking gluten free but, once you understand the basics, it’s liberating to be able to get back into the kitchen.

In Bethany’s case she’s grown-up learning to make things from scratch. Her favourite recipes being pancakes and drop scones. Not forgetting her brother Lewis who loves to make banana bread and brownies.

Becoming A Positive Role Model

It’s wonderful to see my daughter grow into a young adult with all the additional life skills she’s gained as a direct result of her Coeliac Disease.

She has an arsenal of label reading, cooking from scratch, researching places to eat and speaking to food outlet staff skills in her possession now and I truly believe this would not have been the case without a Coeliac diagnosis.

There’s also something to be said about people who walk a different path to the majority. I find that generally we become more respectful and tolerant of others with dietary needs.

All these qualities culminate in becoming wonderful positive rolls models for our peers now and future generations in our family.

Finding New Food Products

How many people get excited about Hovis bringing out a new seeded bun? It tends not to be media worthy news does it? However, take a new gluten free product on the shelves and the community go crazy with excitement.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen social media light up with the latest new gluten free finds. Iced buns and Battenburg springs to mind in recent times.

This sense of excitement is genuinely quite uplifting and reminds us we are not alone.

Better Batter!

The heading refers to the fact that our family firmly believe that gluten free fish batter is superior to normal batter. In fact, non-gluten free family members agree. If you can find a safe local chippy that does gluten free fish and chips on a regular basis or once a month, you truly are in for a treat.

Coeliac Community

I’ve saved the best for last. I dip my toe in several communities given the conditions that affect my family, but the Coeliac community is by far the most supportive.

I have made friends for life through social media. Some I will never get meet in person as they’re the other side of the planet. Others I’ve arranged to meet at national events.

Being with like-minded people who understand, share tips and go giddy over new products with you is just priceless. If you’ve not found your community, I strongly recommend you go and look at social media as the community there is wonderfully active and positive.





About the Author

I’m Rebecca, full time mum, recipe developer and blogger. With two teenagers who have Type 1 Diabetes, Coeliac Disease and Autism life is never dull.

On you will find my simple gluten free recipes, reviews, and the odd drama. I am personally intolerant to dairy and eggs, so much of my baking is dairy free and egg free (vegan). But we’re not a vegan family.

I love to keep my recipes simple; this means easy to find ingredients and making as little washing up as possible. Let’s face it, no one wants to be tidying away when they could be eating their creations!

So, join me in my journey and learn how to make anything gluten free.

 …life’s a drama, gluten free doesn’t have to be…


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post, I do hope it finds the right people at the right time who need to hear this, always happy to answer any questions and yes, I do take requests if you’ve got a favourite recipe you’d like to be developed gluten free. I’ll try my very best to make those dreams come true – Rebecca xx

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