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Top 5 UK Allergy Blogger

What Allergy was voted in the Top 5 UK allergy blogs and in the Top 10 UK Health Blogs by Cision UK and regularly gets between 80,000 and 100,000+ unique visits a month with some blog posts getting hundreds of comments each.

It is jam packed full of articles, blogs, opinion pieces, advice and tips for coping with allergies and living with the challenge day-to-day.

Ruth, who writes most of the content on the blog, is allergic to all nuts, all dairy (cow, sheep and goat) Soya and wheat as well as latex, nickel, dust, pollen and animal dander.

Owner and writer for What Allergy? Ruth Holroyd said, “Don’t ever let your allergies rule your life, live your life to the full despite having them. It may sometimes seem tough but remember all the foods you CAN eat, be healthy, happy and stay safe.”

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The Reluctant Allergy Expert
How to kill the fear that anaphylaxis could kill you! by Ruth Holroyd

“The Reluctant Allergy Expert is such a great wealth of information and a delight to read! A must read for anyone with allergies or connected to an allergy sufferer. Congratulations!” Tanya Ednan-Laperouse, Natasha Foundation

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