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Vegan-owned and vegan-operated, Solkiki Chocolatemaker is Europe’s first Vegan bean-to-bar craft Chocolatemaker.

Inventive and self-taught, Solkiki Chocolatemaker is also Europe’s first 2-ingredient, microbatch  bean-to-bar craft Chocolatemaker.

Delicious gourmet chocolate delivered to your door.    Vegan chocolate has never tasted better.


Solkiki Chocolatemaker… the home of vegan chocolate, bean to bar chocolate, craft chocolate and organic chocolate!

Facebook: Solkiki

Twitter: @solkikichocolat

Instagram: @solkiki_chocolatemaker


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MCS-accredited renewable energy at Solkiki. Grown without herbicides and pesticides, certified organic. Great Taste Award 2017-2020. International Chocolate Award British & European Gold. International Institute of fine chocolate and cacao tasting certificate.