Shamed by the BBC

The BBC have used their investigative powers to demonstrate what FreeFrom customers face daily.

The popular consumer protection programme delved into how food outlets are continuing to fail to meet their legal obligations to provide information on the allergenic content of their dishes.

Not only do the outlets who were filmed not have the allergen information available, their staff routinely got the information wrong and in one instance a caterer didn’t even know what celery was. Caroline 781 celery

The show also highlighted several incidents of what can go wrong by not meeting the obligations set out in law.

What the show also demonstrated was how easy it can be to provide the information to customers at their finger tips.  Technology company Kafoodle have developed a range of products, one of which is aimed at customers who can easily access allergy information on the menu by simply using a QR code.

The programme is available on iPlayer still and we definitely recommend it as a ‘must watch’. Click here to download.

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