Near Miss Campaign

Will you support our Near Miss Campaign? Jacqui McPeake of Jacs Ltd and Caroline Benjamin of Food Allergy Aware have collaborated as Hospitality Allergen Support UK to highlight Near Miss Reporting as a potential RISK for a more serious incident in the future within hospitality sector. We believe there are more near misses related to […]

UCFF 2021 -14th September, Mudwell’s Farm, Warwickshire

The universal cookery and food festival (UCFF) is going LIVE on the 14th September 2021 at Mudwalls Farm, Warwickshire! Dubbed the Glastonbury for chefs, the universal cookery and food festival has moved around the country each year choosing quirky and foodcentric venues. It provides chefs and buyers with a unique opportunity to get out of […]

Kitchen Cut F+B TO GO

In a year where the unprecedented became precedented, the hospitality industry faced massive challenges.  Whilst many businesses have faltered, others have thrived and the key to survival has without a doubt been an ability to adapt, become agile and to be in a position to circumnavigate the ever-changing restrictions and safety measures.   At the […]