Latex Food Syndrome

As part of our factsheet series, we look at another ‘Not one of the #14’ – Latex Food Syndrome.  Those people with a Latex Allergy can develop sensitivities to certain foods due to the proteins contained within.  This factsheet helps to explain why. Latex Food Syndrome Factsheet

Should Hospitality Businesses use Disclaimers?

This factsheet explains it is important to understand that the use of disclaimers within a hospitality business does not negate the responsibility held by the business to serve food that is safe for the customer to consume. This factsheet can help navigate the best practice to serve food safely to the Food Hypersensitive customer. Should […]

Vegan, Vegetarian and the Allergy Customer

This factsheet provides details that, although the vegan food items may appear in the ‘Free From’ section that does not mean that they are always safe for the FHS customer. Vegan, Vegetarian and the Allergy Customer

Improving Food Safety for the FHS customer

Why it is important to act on information from consumers who say they have an allergy or intolerance to other ingredients not listed as one of the 14?  This factsheet details how help can be provided for those FHS customers whilst in your care.  Improving Food Safety for the FHS customer

Alternative terms for Eggs

Eggs are used in many food items, although the terms used are not always obvious.  This factsheet provides some of the alternatives that are used and which food and drink items they are used in. Alternative term for Eggs factsheet

Risks of Cross Contamination in the Kitchen

Here is a factsheet that looks at the risks of allergen cross-contamination within the kitchen.  Many principles overlap with those found when considering Food Safety. Risks of Cross Contamination in the Kitchen

Top Tips for the Party Organiser!

Are you in charge of organising the Christmas celebrations?  Follow these top tips to enable you to include your Food Hypersensitive colleagues. Top Tips for the Party Organiser

FreeFrom Customer @Christmas

How can a food business improve the Food Hypersensitive Customer (FHS) experience at Christmas? Free From Customer @Christmas

On site Allergen Management and Policies

This factsheet is aimed, particularly for those those working in the hospitality industry and how best to improve their Allergen Management within their business. On Site Allergen Management Policies Factsheet