This month’s factsheet discusses Sulphites – Why it is classed as one of the 14 main allergens and how people can be sensitive to it. We have also included a list of foods that usually contain Sulphites. Sulphite Factsheet

Allergen substitutes Pt3

In this month’s factsheet we are continuing to investigate substitutes for allergens. This time we will be focussing on Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Lupin and Soya, all of which belong to the legume family. Someone with a severe peanut or soya allergy may well be allergic to other members of this family which also includes peas […]

Substitutes for Common Allergens

This month’s factsheet discusses how you can substitute some of the most common allergens in your recipes for other ingredients. Leave a comment below with which ones you have tried! Substitutes for Common Allergens

Substitutes for Allergens: Gluten & Dairy

This month’s Factsheet discusses the different items that Gluten & Dairy can be substituted for to make recipes allergen friendly. Substitutes for Allergens: Gluten & Dairy

‘P’ is for Pulses

This month’ fact sheet is all about pulses, peas, beans and lentils and goes into detail about what they are and how they can affect people. But have you also heard about BANZA? No… make sure you read the factsheet to find out! ‘P’ is for Pulses

Gluten Free Beer

This month’s factsheet talks about how Gluten Free Beer is made. The different types of Gluten Free Grains plus other information. Make sure you also check out this month’s blog post – Gluten Free Beer Factsheet

Food Labelling Regulations and Exemptions

This month’s newsletter explains how labelling is regulated. It can help your business to ensure you are labelling pre-packed food correctly. The factsheet also states when the you may be exempt from the labelling regulations. Food Labelling Regulations and Exemptions

What is Chocolate?

This month’s factsheet discusses what chocolate really is, how it is made and why there are so many ‘may contains’ on the labelling of chocolate.  What is Chocolate?

Cross Contact Risks in Food Service

This month’s factsheet discusses the difference between cross-contamination and cross-contact. Understand the essential information and the areas of concern people who have allergens may have when dining out. Cross Contact Risks in Food Service

Management of Allergens Outside of the #14

This factsheet explains about some of the foods outside of the 14 Allergens that food businesses should be aware of.  Some of these foods may cause cross-sensitivity for those with food allergies and intolerances. Management of Allergens Outside of the #14