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Tobia Teff –specializes in the ancient and one of the healthiest grains on earth called teff.

Teff, apart from being gluten-free, is also packed with manganese, a high source of fibre,  omega 3, amino acid and iron.

Tobia Teff supplies (Mostly organic) the teff flour (including our NHS and Private Healthcare on prescription), teff flakes,very versatile flaked teff grain.

Teff Flakes can be consumed as porridge, cereal with a cold drink and makes delicious scones and muffins when mixed with teff flour.

Tobia Teff also manufactures pure teff bread, fermented flatbread and teff cereal-bars using natural sugar.

Tobia Teff sources its conventional teff where strict EU agricultural rules apply to the extent of fertilizer used farming conventional teff.

We believe that our planet has to healthy in order to harvest a healthy grain like teff.

Tobia Teff is very conscious of the environment and uses only re-usable and biodegradable packaging throughout.


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Tobia Teff is approved by the Organic Food Federation. Approved by SALSA Food Organisation.

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Tobia Teff is one of the suppliers to our Health Care Service —The NHS on prescription. Approved by ACBS