Pulsetta bakes gluten-free and vegan shortbread, sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits/oat cakes, breadcrumbs and other gluten-free bakery foods. Pulsetta shortbread and biscuits are hand-baked in the rolling foothills of the northeast Scottish Highlands. We work in a joint venture with Duncan’s of Deeside, a leading 3rd generation family owned craft bakery in Aberdeenshire in Scotland with over 40 years experience.

Our gluten-free products pair tradition with a healthy twist, by using flour from pulses such as peas that provide a tasty source of nutrients, plant proteins and natural sweetness. Pulsetta shortbread and biscuits come with the Duncan family’s guarantee that only the finest ingredients have been selected for an all-natural delicious experience.


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BRC / IFS certification. The Vegan Society registered. UKAS lab tests for all products.

Additional Relevant Information:

– Pulsetta foods are Vegan – Pulsetta is Free From all 14 major food allergens. i.e. also Sesame Free, Fish Free, Egg free, Shell Fish Free, Dairy Free (lactose) Free