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Popcorn Kitchen is hand-popped ‘fine snacking’ happiness at its artisan best!
Popcorn Kitchen is no gourmet snack fly-by-night! We’ve been treading the boards making sublime, best-in-class popcorn since 2012, when we first made our name on the Surrey food festival circuit, selling ‘freshly popped’ popcorn from a mobile popcorn kettle, which explains our simple yet instantly recognisable brand logo.

Back then it was our Sweet & Salt recipe (believe you me that was cutting edge back in 2012) that first got tongues wagging and resulted in countless requests for a British-made bagged product that could be sold up and down the land.

Nine years down the line and the ‘pure popcorn happiness’ baton rests with Louise who’ve expanded the Popcorn Kitchen range to a dozen-or-so gourmet recipes and established an abundance of new fine snacking occasions that cover every imaginable ‘permissible snacking’ occasion from amazing gifting and sharing bags to perfectly proportioned, me-time treat packs.

Simply put, Popcorn Kitchen is a small batch, artisanal operation that only works with best-in-class ingredients and stubbornly refuses to be party to any ‘quick-fix,’ synthetic short-cuts. From Day.1 the business mission has been all about filling the gaping void that exists somewhere between the ‘everyday dependable’ and the ‘unduly fussy & finicky’ flavours that others champion.

It’s also worth noting that Popcorn Kitchen is not looking to chase quantity over quality, opting instead to focus on the fast-moving world of: Speciality Retailers, Garden Centres, Farm Shops, Delis, Hamper companies and independent cinemas & theatres, where standing proud from the crowd really matters!

Our entire range is made using wholegrain, gourmet ‘mushroom’ corn which made its name by effortlessly popping into light, fluffy spheres with an unbeatable crunch to provide the perfect, well-rounded setting for all manner of indulgent flavours to shine. By opting out of ‘everyday’ butterfly corn, Popcorn Kitchen significantly reduces the amount of small popcorn shrapnel one might expect to find lurking at the bottom of your bag or bottle.

Each and every one of our products is suitable for vegetarians, many are 100% vegan and with the exception of our Malt Balls, we’re gluten-free which broadens our appeal yet further.


All our uncoated products are vegan accredited Our coated is suitable for vegetarians All our popcorn is gluten free (Our malty balls in our Xmas tree and the snowies in our Pop at home kit does contain wheat flour)

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