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Munch Free is an allergy friendly, vegan and organic baby and toddler food brand. One of the unique selling points of the brand is that it is the first to have no ‘may contain’ warnings on its packaging, due to its manufacturing process and supply chain, as well as being produced in an allergy friendly and vegan premises. We also use a variety of dried fruit of vegetables, chia seeds and quinoa, so our range has a focus on high fibre and gut health.

Our launch range includes four ambient products. We have two porridges targeting 7 month olds+ that have been developed with our paediatric dietitian to ensure they cater for diets which are likely to be depleting particular foods; Apple & Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge and Blueberry & Coconut Quinoa Porridge. Our two oat bars target 12 month olds+, sold either individually or in multipacks of 4; Mango & Carrot Oat Bars and Blueberry & Banana Oat Bars. We are currently developing new products to complement our existing range.


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