Mortimer Chocolate Company Ltd



Mortimer Chocolate Company is a small, independent chocolate producer, based in Mortimer, Berkshire, that was founded in 2006 by Adrian Smith.   Prior to setting up his own chocolate company, Adrian had worked for Mars Confectionery, firstly as a cocoa taster, visiting cocoa growing areas in West Africa and South America, where he selected cocoas to blend into chocolate in the factory in Slough; then, later, creating and taking to market, Galaxy and Maltesers hot chocolate drinks.

Cocoa and chocolate work like grapes and wine, so that by making chocolate using the cocoa from a single origin, the resulting chocolate has a flavour that is characteristic of that region.

Adrian selects both a natural cocoa mass and fine natural cocoa powder to make a wide range of chocolate and chocolate drinks.

The range of Chocolate Powders and Drinking Chocolates are all free from: dairy, gluten and soya, including a Dairy-free White Couverture Chocolate.

The packaging and look has changed since starting up, but the company still proudly bears the Mortimer Chocolate name and the products have won numerous awards over the years, enough so that when Harrods were looking for a new hot chocolate drink and a range of flavoured chocolates, it was Mortimer Chocolate they came to!


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