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Caternet is designed to help businesses in any Catering sector to modernise their financial admin, reduce overheads, control spending and buy more competitively from their chosen suppliers.


Growing legislative and consumer demand to disclose allergen, sub allergen and nutrition data shouldn’t stand in the way of growing your business. Caternet combines recipe management software with new, clear communication channels.

Publishing ingredients and allergens to interactive menus, across a wide range of convenient, always-on channels has proven itself to build trust and amplify footfall. Guests can avoid bad experiences by planning ahead, whether you’re a seasonal catering operator or large and varied hospitality estate. Because your wholesalers supply data through a live connection, you can be sure your recipes are always correct.

Caternet is developed with operators, buyers and chefs, who have all experienced the same operational and financial challenges as you. Our software has built an outstanding reputation for saving time and money for our clients’ food businesses across modules such as live-priced eProcurement, stock management, recipe building, allergen publishing and nutritional analysis, and MIS/back-office.


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Assists compliance with Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR) and Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Erudus Data Pool integrated.

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Caternet’s workflows are designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and use the fewest clicks. Our in-house developers are ISO:9001 QA and Microsoft accredited. Assured of our technical expertise, you’ll have peace of mind that our software has been well written and rigorously tested.