Bax Botanics


Great knowledge of botanical flavours gives Bax Botanics complex layers of taste and multiple awards. The drinks are made in England using organic botanicals and filtered water. Traditionally distilled in a copper alembic and bottled with no sugar or sweeteners added. These super-healthy drinks contain only half a calorie per 50ml serving and are free from notifiable allergens. No alcohol whatsoever is used in production. 0.00% abv Shelf stable, no need to refrigerate after opening.

Herbarium by The Plant Room and Dr Alison Peirse. Photography by Joanne Crawford

Bax Botanics make four products:

Sea Buckthorn Alcohol-Free Spirit – Enjoy mixed with tonic or ginger fizz, garnish with a twist of orange zest. Rich flavours and aromas of Orange, fragrant Rosemary and Sea Buckthorn. This relaxing and complex distillation has a long, elegant finish.

Verbena Alcohol-Free Spirit – Enjoy this botanical treat with premium tonic and a curl of cucumber. Flavours of Lemon Verbena and summer herbs excite the palate along with menthol and delicate florals. This zingy drink makes a perfect aperitif or a refreshing sipper on a warm day.

Two handy cans showcase the spirits pre-mixed with tonic, for times when you need an easy option.
Smooth Sea Buckthorn & Tonic – Ready to drink alcohol-free botanical drink with tonic – contains sugar and quinine.
Zingy Lemon Verbena & Tonic – Ready to drink alcohol-free botanical drink with tonic – contains sugar and quinine.



SALSA certified company Gluten-free cert

Additional Relevant Information:

Contains No Notifiable Allergens. Certified Gluten Free, 0.0% Alcohol 1. celery, – NO 2. cereals containing gluten (such as wheat, barley and oats), – NO 3. crustaceans (such as prawns, crabs and lobsters), – NO 4. eggs, – NO 5. fish, – NO 6. lupin, – NO 7. milk, – NO 8. molluscs (such as mussels and oysters), – NO 9. mustard, – NO 10. peanuts, – NO 11. sesame, – NO 12. soybeans, – NO 13. sulphur dioxide and sulphites – NO 14. tree nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts). – NO