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This is Food that Loves you Back!

We went 100% gluten-free in 2014 but we differ hugely from your average gluten-free bakery. Around seven different grains and pulses are freshly milled each day, to avoid oxidation and to ensure a sweet and fresh taste.

No baker’s yeast is added to most breads* – instead, we have developed our own organic sourdough leaven and use a 12-15 hour fermentation process. The bread is ripened before it is baked resulting in superb taste, texture and digestibility.

* Where we do use yeast – it isn’t ordinary yeast: It is ORGANIC yeast developed by Agrano for bakers who care! Please check the ingredient list for each product for details.

No Xanthan Gum, Methylcellulose or cheap fillers!

No Xanthan Gum, Methylcellulose or cheap fillers like potato or corn starch are used, as is so common in gluten-free baking the world over. Only freshly milled artisan flour, water, sea salt, seaweed and a multi mineral from seaweed plus our own leaven is used to make a perfect loaf of ABO bread.

We have developed our own mild sourdough leaven!

The leaven for ABO artisan bread is made for people with an intolerance to acidic sourdoughs, gluten or yeast. We oppose factory farming and you will not find any meat or dairy products or by-products in our bakery.

Bread with supplement grade ingredients

We use Fucus vesiculousus in our products – which is also used in genotyped supplements. Dr D’Adamo quotes long lists of research into this amazing seaweed, which he calls a gift from the sea.

We use AquaminF calcium from seaweed, a unique marine multimineral complex providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals.

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Online shop – free-from foodie heaven. Healthy Christmas cake and mince pies. Freshly milled flour for your home baking. Healthy gifts – fruit preserves – seaweed – freshly pressed high lignan organic flax oil. Tigernut biscuits.