Spotlight on Celery and Oral Allergy Syndrome

This month we focus on Celery and Oral Allergy Syndrome.  

This month our FREE informative fact sheet looks at celery and oral allergy syndrome. Celery is used extensively in the food services industry, often unintentionally as it forms the basis of many stocks and bouillons. As well as celery being one of the many 14 allergens, it, like many raw fruits and vegetables can cause oral allergy syndrome

For most people, the symptoms caused by oral allergy syndrome are not serious. There may be an itchy feeling or tingling in the mouth, throat or lips, or perhaps a slight swelling. Usually the symptoms remain mild and do not progress to other parts of the body, and only occur with the raw fruit or vegetable, although some people do react to both raw and roasted nuts.

Please download our FREE fact sheet here as a useful reference and training document.

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