Bravery honoured as the Pride of Britain

The Pride of Britain Awards are an annual celebration of individuals showing bravery, strength and truly remarkable individuals and this year saw the awards honoured Suzie McCash.

Faced with a medical emergency of her mum, rather than freeze or panic,  Suzie, then just four, amazingly kept calm and pride of britaintook vital action to save her mum’s life.

Having just returned from the park with her Mum, but as soon as they got home, her mum Rowena began to feel dizzy and within minutesIMG_3147 had collapsed struggling to breath.  Rowena, suffers from a life-threatening allergy to salicylates, found in even just tiny traces of oranges and almonds and uses adrenaline in the form of an EpiPen to help manage her reactions.

With her dad being at work, it was up to little Suzie to save her mum’s life by calling 999.  Carefully describing barely conscious Rowena’s condition and answering questions the emergency call handler was able to guide paramedics to the family home.

Suzie was asked if she could open the front door and said. “I can’t really reach the lock, but I’ll have a go.”

Suzie says: “Mummy had an anaphylactic shock and I rang 999. I then got her medicine to make her feel better. They said I should hold Mummy’s hand, so I did.”

Very well done Suzie!!  Are you sure you could do the same?

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