Is Menu creation causing you a headache?

We all know that creating menus, sometimes multiple menus, can be a headache especially now we have to list the different allergens. Every time we want to change a menu we have to change the website, print new copies and go through the time consuming task of identifying allergens.

One tool to help overcome this, which we highly recommend, is a software tool called ‘Free My Menu.  It is an interactive tool which enables you to publish an interactive online menu as well as produce updated printed copies quickly and easily whilst continually catering for the free from customer.

To see ‘Free My Menu’ in action, we recommend having a look at a positive free my menuworking example at Tunnel House Public House.

I have negotiated an extended special rate for ‘Free my menu’ valid until the end of October. There is a £75.00 set up fee which covers the cost of setting up your menus in the system (with the information you supply) and the menu’s formatting. Then a fee of £25 per month or a one off yearly fee of £250.00, saving you £50. However if you use the special code SHOWFMM15, you will save nearly 50% on the full costs and be charged just £150.00 for the first year. The  £75.00 set up fee remains the same.

You get a 30 day free trial on the contract cost, when you sign up you will be asked for your payment details, this will cover the £75.00 set up fee and then you can opt to pay a one off fee or monthly.

To read more, see a demo or to sign up for your trial, please click here.

In addition to looking at your menu creation, we can assist with creating an allergy policy to suit your venue, working with you to see what is possible and how you can take that extra step toward safe and inclusive provision for the free from diner.

We would happily talk to you about how you can embrace Free My Menu into your business.  Feel free to call us on

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