Food Hygiene Ratings

A new report from food industry insurer, NFU Mutual, has shown that more than 52,000 businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland could be faced with losing over a third of business, as 34 percent of people would turn away from premises displaying a food hygiene rating of three or less.

The report also suggested that public awareness of food-related illnesses is extremely high. 90 percent of consumers were aware of salmonella being an issue for food producers, 86 percent recognised E. coli and 68 percent recognised listeria. Six percent of respondents failed to identify any illnesses at all.

NFU Mutual’s research also found that restaurants rated three and below could already be losing out on possible income, as the public are reportedly willing to spend on average £8 more (nearly double) on a meal at a restaurant rated five (£17.31 vs. £8.97).

However, according to the report, consumers are currently less likely to seek food hygiene scores for a producer, with seven percent saying they would actively check these scores, compared to the 55 percent checking takeaway ratings and 54 percent checking restaurant ratings.

It is worth noting that the score rating from Local authorities does not realistically correlate to how the venue produces a safe meal for the free from customer, and what choices they offer, this is why it is important for venues to have an allergy policy both internally for staff and an external version for the customer to understand what can be prepared for them safely.  These customers will also pay more for their choices if prepared in  safe environment where staff are trained.

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