Dining out with Food allergies, intolerances and Coeliac Disease – complete the survey!

Last year we compiled a survey to get an overview of the FreeFrom customer’s experiences when eating out specifically with food allergies, intolerance’s and coeliac disease. This survey is very similar to the previous one, we are looking to understand what changes have occurred and if you feel that food businesses are becoming more knowledgeable.

The data compiled will be used for an event organised by the Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum  in September ‘Food labelling regulation – the future for UK policy’  I would like to highlight good and bad practice and to give the food service  industry an insight into the free from customer and how they can still improve going forward. Please note I am not receiving payment for this information or the event, my aim is to ensure the improvements in knwledge and training is implemented and improved going forward.

 Click here to access the survey

Thank you for participating in the survey.  If you would like to have feedback on the results or to participate in further food allergy awareness surveys please include your email within the contacts details at the end of the survey. To view the report from the previous survey please click here 

Food Allergy Aware Team


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