Hidden Allergens

Cyrus Todiwala, Chef Patron at Cafe Spice Namaste and Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen has kindly contributed to this blog regarding the hidden allergens that he’s experienced within his industry and how he’s changed his menus to make them more adaptable for the food allergy customer.     Are you aware of hidden allergens within the products […]

Travelling with special dietary needs

I am Marc Warde and along with my business partner Adrian Morgan we own Niche Free-from Kitchen, a free-from manufacturing business based in Harlow Essex with manufacturing partners in the United States and Thailand.  The free-from production business was born as an evolution to our gluten-free restaurant Niche Gluten-Free Dining in Angel Islington.  Having been […]

Natasha’s Law – Who will enforce the PPDs regulations?

On Monday the 6th September Caroline Benjamin was asked to present on Natasha’s Law and Emerging Allergen Controls Issues to the CIEH community. The webinar was attended by over 500 people, 73% Enforcement officers & Local Authority’s 39% Consultants & Trainers and 16% Food Business Operations. The webinar covered the basics of Natasha’s Law but […]

Would you sign your life away just to have a meal in a pub, café or restaurant?

Our guest blog comes from Julianne Ponan from Creative Nature, here she talks about what signing waivers before eating and the potential ‘new normal’ for the food allergy customer.   Would you sign your life away just to have a meal in a pub, café or restaurant?   Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? It’s not if you […]

Natasha’s Law – Implications for Caterers (PPDS)

Following on from our last blog from Sally Trice, this blog looks at the implications of Natasha’s Law on caterers and the implementation of the PPDS labelling on 1st October 2021.   What is pre-packed for direct sale? PPDS food is food that is packed before being offered for sale by the same food business […]

Natasha’s Law – Implications for the Industry

Our blog this time comes from Sally Trice and she explores the Implications on the industry of Natasha’s Law. Natasha’s Law – Implications for the Industry.   The UK Food Information Amendment known as “Natasha’s Law” will come into effect on October 1st this year. This will mean that a food business must provide full […]

Gluten Free beer …. have you got yours in stock?

Sue Cane, Drinks Director at the Free From Food Awards and @gfbeerexpert, is our guest writer this edition. Here she talks about gluten-free beer and why stocking a range will enhance your customers’ food and drink experience. What are the benefits of stocking Gluten Free Beer? Allergies, intolerances and auto-immune diseases mean that many people […]

Are food safety certificates the answer to “ticking the training box”?

This blog has been provided by  Euan MacAuslan, FRSPH, MIFST, MCIEH, MSET, Environmental Health Practitioner, Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills. Euan.macauslan@trainingfoodsafety.co.uk www.trainingfoodsafety.co.uk  (under production as of 9 April 2021)   Are food safety certificates the answer to “ticking the training box”?   Well, the answer to that question all depends upon what happens to the […]

Food is Good Medicine

This blog comes from Alison Cullin-Woodcock from Clifton Foodservices Consultants Ltd.  You can find Alison on LinkedIn.   Treat your food like good medicine, so you don’t need to eat your medicine as food.  So many companies and groups have written and presented volumes on the trends and insights for the future of 2021 and beyond, and […]

The Future of Allergen Management

  THE FUTURE OF ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT As hospitality takes its first tentative steps out of lockdown and back to business, it has never been clearer that the road to recovery will need to be carefully mapped out.  Revisiting menus, reassessing your offering and ensuring customer safety will be at the top of every successful business’s […]