Be ahead of the game with FreeFrom as one of 2018’s top trends

FreeFrom is again being highlighted as a ‘Top Trend’ for 2018 and it is growing at a rapid rate! What can you do to get ahead of your competitors?

Invest in the best staff to impact your bottom line

I have done several articles and presentations about the importance of positive customer service and communication, especially for FreeFrom customers and staff often play a first line pivotal role in this.  Receiving good customer service will lead to loyal consumers are more likely to make recommendations and visit again.   It therefore makes sense for foodservice businesses to recruit in high quality staff and retain them by providing the best training. What do the businesses get in return?  Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and company profits. Companies who invest in their staff will  benefit from a commercial advantage over their competitors.


Share a recommendation
Again, something I highlight in much of my training is the undeniable importance of getting positive social media exposure. With the propensity of of social media, smart phones and search engines, customers love to research and receive recommendations for places to eat or drink. There are a wide variety of sources for recommendations, family, friends, consumer groups, online apps, social media and even staff.  Such feedback is invaluable for both the customer and the foodservice business.

For the FreeFrom customer in particular, researching a venue is very important in the decision making process of where to eat and are also more than happy to share positive and negative experiences with their peers.  Good and bad reviews don’t take long to be shared.

For food service businesses this data can also be an invaluable source of business insight.  Businesses should encourage feedback, whether its face to face, online or via customer surveys. If companies listen and respond to what their customers or potential customers are saying, they stand a very good chance of increasing the level of positive reviews and recommendations.

Talk to Caroline today, we have templates which you can use to help promote feedback


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