Anaphylaxis Campaign #takethekit video

2015 anaphylaxis campaign member

Video aimed at high risk age group

The Anaphylaxis Campaign have put together a video aimed at the 15 – 25 year age group to encourage them to take their medical kits where ever they go.

This age is group is a high risk of reaction, as they want to fit in with their peers, and not appear to be different. They want to live their lives as normally as possible and sometimes take unnecessary risks which could endanger them needlessly.  This video highlights the danger of not carrying medical kits if  a person suffers from anaphylaxis.

#takethekit Video

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The video is very impacting – please share to give great awareness to this campaign.

To find out more about the film and how is was made click here

Being young and trying to manage your severe allergy is hard work. The Anaphylaxis Campaign want to help you to face whatever life throws at you with all the best information and support available so that you can get on with life!  Click here for more information

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