Everyone is familiar with Dry January – this was created to support those who take part to refrain from any alcohol during the month of January. Following the excess celebrations (even in Lockdown!) many enjoy a drink or three over the festive period.

Veganuary which started in 2014 is gathering support every year. Those who sign up for the challenge commit to eating vegan food for the month of January. This is “better for your health and better for the planet” Eat more plant food! This is not recommended if you have a severe peanut allergy as you may also react to other legumes such as peas and chickpeas. Also not recommended for those with a soya allergy. Some farmers with livestock may not support this campaign either!

Have you heard of “Allerjanuary”???

Don’t worry you don’t need to give up anything!! This campaign gives you something!

The team at Allergen Accreditation have put together a pack of useful resources to ensure that you and your team have all the information you need to support your allergen management processes. We realise this may not be at the forefront of your minds -is something else going on???

When we do start to re-open our restaurants and café bars, everyone will be coming out to eat, have a socially distanced coffee and a safe meal with family members (which someone else has cooked) The number of customers with allergies in on the increase-please ensure that you and your team are ready to welcome them and offer a range of options suitable for their requirements

The resource pack will provide an update on Natasha’s Law and PPDS.  We have provided a scenario for you to show where Natasha’s law will apply.

The resource pack contains an update on The OneMcPeake Challenge 2021-we are launching this again to raise vital funds for NARF (Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation) Have a look and join in to raise awareness of the daily struggles living with allergies. Read through the information to find options for your digital recipe management system and options for training

Download your free pack here : https://www.allergenaccreditation.co.uk/allergen-aware-month-in-food-service-2021/

Any queries please get in touch

Jacqui McPeake  email -jacs@allergenaccreditation.co.uk

Julian Edwards email office@allergenaccreditation.co.uk

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