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Our consultants at Food Allergy Aware are passionate about delivering the highest standards of food safety and food allergy awareness to the food and drink industry.

Keeping you up to date with allergy legislation, and food safety regulations can be time consuming, considering the hours it takes and the cost involved. We can help you to concentrate on your business, generating customers and income. Using a consultant can be a cost effective way of providing time and resources to help you achieve this.

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Food Allergy Aware is always on the lookout for consultants to provide training.  If you would like to join us on our journey, educating the Food Service Industry email me at marketing@fatc.co.uk with a copy of your recent CV and covering letter stating why you would like to work with Food Allergy Aware.

Caroline Benjamin: Founder/Consultant/Trainer

Caroline Benjamin

Having worked in the Food Service Industry since the age of 16 in a range of roles within kitchens, front of house, and conferences & events, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience within hospitality. 

My roles have been within different sectors of the industry including hotels, restaurants and the higher education sector.  Whilst my children were young, I had the opportunity of working for large corporate companies organising events and training and gaining knowledge of administration, financial and quality systems.

Independently through the years I have also run events including wedding fayres, craft fayres and PTA events in addition to my day job.


Why I Founded Food Allergy Aware [FATC]

In 2000 I started to suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), frustrated by doctors prescribing many concoctions instead of looking at the real cause of the problem, I took to researching what was the cause of my IBS. After many years of trying natural remedies with no success, eventually I worked out that the exclusion of certain foods within my diet improved my symptoms dramatically.

I found that by excluding gluten and dairy from my diet my life was getting back on track.#

Finding myself intolerant to certain food groups was frustrating enough, but it was especially harder to cope with when dining out. Just organising a day trip and finding somewhere suitable to eat out was a task and a half.

Eating on the go for food allergy sufferers needs to be a well-planned, they cannot just assume that food can be readily available, so the norm is to pack rations just in case!

Early 2012 I the decision that I wanted to make use of my personal experiences and my knowledge of the catering industry to make a difference. I decided that I would set up training to educate the Food Service Industry in “Food Allergy Awareness” and so the idea of Food Allergy Training Consultancy (FATC) was born. 

In 2016 we re-branded to be known as Food Allergy Aware which is where we are today

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#NOTE: I would always advise that you seek medical advice from your GP before eliminating foods from your diet, to ensure correct diagnosis can be given.


Sally Trice AMCIEH - Food Safety Consultant and Trainer

With over 35 years’ experience in the Hospitality Industry I am committed to promoting the highest standards of food safety through training, auditing and the implementation of safe catering practices.

I have worked with many businesses throughout my career, helping them to develop a positive food safety culture through staff training and specific food safety policy development. My role as a trainer encompasses HACCP, Food Safety, Nutrition and Special Diets, Auditing and Food Allergies.

I have worked closely with FATC since 2012 and am aware of the importance of raising the level of Food Allergy Awareness for all involved in the Food Service Industry. We are constantly evolving our training and development programmes to include updates on new legislation and innovative methods of delivering training to meet the challenges of the current Pandemic.

Who we work with......

Jacqui - Food Safety Consultant and Trainer

Award winning Food Allergen Specialist in the Catering Sector

Jacqui McPeake has worked for over 30 years in the catering industry, predominantly the HE sectors.

Jacqui worked for 20 years at Manchester Metropolitan University and has extensive skills and knowledge of soft Facilities Management. Jacqui’s career included working as a Catering Manager, 5 years as a Facilities Manager and 9 years as Head of Catering at Manchester Metropolitan University.  

Jacqui was passionate about ensuring that her team were at the forefront of leading best practice in Universities for allergen management. and also led her team to win the Cost Sector Team of the Year 2017 for their work on Allergen Management and improving the “Free From” offers for students with Food Allergies. Jacqui was also awarded the “Free from Hero Award 2018”

Jacqui’s passion to ensure that all customers are able to eat safely regardless of dietary requirements stems from her own daughter who started to have reactions to various food groups at the age of 14. Jacqui saw first-hand the impact this has had on her daily choices. This puts Jacqui in a unique position of having significant experience within the hospitality industry 


Stella - Food Safety Consultant and Trainer

Stella has over 25 years of experience as a chef and hotelier, starting out in Brighton but has worked across the south coast for much of her career.  Having had health problems relating to dietary issues, the chef career option was her way of controlling she consumed.  After having several allergic reactions at work, Stella decided it was time move from practical working in commercial kitchen and move into training to deliver food safety and food allergen management courses. Stella also carries out onsite audits.

Stella is passionate about helping food businesses with their food allergen management and providing information for customers, thus enabling those customers with special dietary needs to find suitable venues in where they can eat safely.